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Our Story

Bruce Webb was saved in Millwood, baptized in the Holy Spirit at revival meetings in a church in Clif, TX (Monkey Run – an old community south of present day Lavon). He moved to Dallas in 1940, but returned to Lavon in 1944. He purchased a store in 1945 and set up shop. Having a desire to see a pentecostal church for the area Bro Webb began to search for the opportunity to raise a up a new work. There was only one church building in the town, owned by the Presbyterians and in need of repair. Bro Webb, got the Baptists, Presbyterians and Methodists to cooperate in repairing the building and each denomination committed to send a pastor/preacher one Sunday a month for combined weekly services for the people of Lavon.

It was in these combined community services with the other denominations that First Assembly of God, Lavon had its beginning. Bro Webb had contacted the district offices of the Assemblies of God in Waxahachie, Texas about sending a minister to preach once a month and Rev. Zook was called upon and sent out from Waxahachie as the Assembly of God representative to minister in these meetings. This continued until 1948, when the decision was made to start an Assembly of God church. Sister Verena Holcomb accepted the the pastorate and along with her husband John Holcomb, who was a builder, led the congregation in the erection of their first building. This building was dedicated April 10, 1949 and the church was officially set in order on June 17, 1949 with 18 members.

During the term of the next pastor, Brother Gene Young, a parsonage was constructed. The congregation continued worship services at the original location until land was purchased in 1967 at our current location. The present sanctuary was dedicated March 28, 1968 during the pastorate of Brother Dwain Tedford. The former building was sold to the Community school district. A new parsonage was built in 1972 and later the old church building was purchased back from the school district and moved to the current location and used as a fellowship hall and educational building. In 1977, more land was purchased to be used in future expansion and recreational facilities. During the tenure of Rev. Sydney brandon additions were made to the sanctuary and the construction of the Family Life Center was completed being dedicated to the Lord on April 18, 2001.

Today we have a beautiful sanctuary, two parsonages, a large multi-purpose Family Life center and almost 5 acres of property. Most importantly the the church has served as a witness to God’s love and mercy to this community and has touched the lives of many, many people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ here and around the world. We have much to be thankful for and we thank God for such a wonderful heritage. We also recognize our responsibility to move forward, with a willingness to give sacrificially and to commit to like faithfulness with the same vision as our predecessors for the future growth of God’s Kingdom.

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